my facebook has a sick sense of humor

my facebook has a sick sense of humor

Captain Blood, 1935

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Today is probably going to be the last hot day of summer. I’m sure the others all have really great personalities, but I intend to take full advantage of this one.

I had a dream last night that the Doctor enlisted the Pawnee Parks Dept. to help design and build a new park for the center of the Rings of Akhaten…

  • Leslie is shocked by the state of the local theocracy and tries to teach them all feminism
  • Ben is fascinated by an monetary system based on sentimental value
  • April thinks the whole thing is stupid
  • Ron fixes the Tardis’s chameleon circuit
  • Chris thinks this is literally the best vacation ever (and for once, he’s right)
  • Ann gets roped into consulting at a walk-in clinic and never actually does any sight-seeing
  • Leslie is thrilled to meet half the cast of the Harry Potter movies
  • Ben is thrilled to meet half the cast of Game of Thrones
  • Tom goes shopping
  • Donna keeps telling the Doctor he “can get it”
  • Andy locks himself in an alien bathroom and survives by eating soap that tastes like dreams and rainbows

… and they’re all halfway back to Pawnee before they realize they forgot Jerry, who had gone to get a souvenir for Gail.